Reduce Anxiety
Getting Centriq can help you learn your home faster - whether it's tips from the previous homeowner or your home inspector, there is a lot they can teach you about your home that will help you get the most out of it (and reduce the headaches!).

Everything in One Place
Centriq keeps all the important things about your home in an easy to use app - from manuals and parts to service providers and receipts.

It Grows With You

Over time,add the things you learn about your home to Centriq - especially those things that you do infrequently, or what bulb goes in the ceiling light. Add new appliances by simply snapping a photo. And if you sell your home one day, the next owner will be glad you did...

Centriq is just one of the benefits you'll receive when working with Barry!

Why should you have Centriq?
Because it is the interactive owner’s manual customized for your new home.

Meet Our Latest Buyer Benefit - Centriq!