A REALTOR®, Broker and Salesperson. What is the difference?

A REALTOR® is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and agrees to abide by the association’s standards and uphold it’s higher Code of Ethics

A real estate Salesperson is a real estate professional that has taken and passed all of the licensing requirements for the State of California. This is the starting point for most people going into the real estate field. A Salesperson must be employed by a real estate Broker who supervises and manages their activities.

A real estate Broker has additional education and experience required by the State of California. To apply for the license, they must have a minimum of two years of real estate experience and that experience must be verified by their employing Broker. Once the Broker license is obtained, they may choose to practice on their own and employ real estate Salespeople which they are responsible to manage or they may choose to work under another brokerage taking advantage of a business reputation and assets that are in place. In this case, the Broker is called an Associate Broker.

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